66. Learning sheet (May 2024): Leaking Bellow (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
65. Learning sheet (April 2024): Isobutylene Gas Explosion (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
64. Learning sheet (March 2024): Gas explosion in a batch reactor (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
63. Learning sheet (February 2024): Gas Explosion in a Cracking Unit (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
62. Learning sheet (December 2023): Chlorine Steel Fire (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
61. Learning sheet (November 2023): Thermowell Crack (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
60. Learning sheet (October 2023): Hexane Leak (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
59. Learning sheet (September 2023): Hot Oil Release and Fire (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
58. Learning sheet (July 2023): Asphalt Dust Explosion (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
57. Learning sheet (June 2023): Radiation Exposure (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
56. Learning sheet (May 2023): Wrong Location (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
55. Learning sheet (April 2023): Furnace Fire (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
54. Learning sheet (March 2023): Chlorine Leakage (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
53. Learning sheet (February 2023): Argon Asphyxiation (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
52. Learning sheet (December 2022): Hydrogen Embrittlement (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
51. Learning sheet (November 2022): LNG Explosion (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
50. Learning sheet (October 2022): Visbreaker Fire (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
49. Learning sheet (September 2022): Fatigue crack (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
48. Learning sheet (July 2022): Last line of defense (by Ali Rasekhmagham)
45. Learning sheet (April 2022): Explosion in a tank (by Dr. Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh)
43. Learning sheet (February 2022): Hose Rupture (by Dr. Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh)
42. Learning sheet (December 2021): High reactor pressure (iy Dr. Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh)
41. Learning sheet (November 2021): Utility Connection (by Dr. Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh)
24. Learning sheet (March 2020): Fatigue stress cracking (by Famor Mehregan Group)
23. Learning sheet (February 2020): Tank Boil Over (by Famor Mehregan Group)
21. Learning sheet (November 2019): Furnace Explosion (by Famor Mehregan Group)
20. Learning sheet (October 2019): Crude Spill in a tank pit (by Famor Mehregan Group)
17. Learning sheet (June 2019): Imploded Storage Tank (by Famor Mehregan Group)

Further translations by Arya Imen Fidar (AIFCO):
Learning sheets June 2017 - May 2019
Learning sheets July 2019 - June 2022


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