CCPS is a not-for-profit, corporate membership organization within AIChE that identifies and addresses process safety needs within the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. CCPS brings together manufacturers, government agencies, consultants, academia and insurers to lead the way in improving industrial process safety.

DECHEMA is the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society we represent these fields in science, industry, politics and the general public. DECHEMA promotes scientific and technical exchange among experts from different disciplines, organisations and generations. We consolidate the know-how of over 5,800 individual and sustaining members.

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering has promoted scientific collaboration and supported the work of engineers and scientists in 28 European countries since 1953. Moreover, from the very beginning Eastern and Central European countries were included. Today the EFCE represents more than 100,000 chemical engineers in Europe. With its 22 Working Parties and 4 Sections it covers all areas of Chemical Engineering.

The European Industrial Gases Association, EIGA, is a safety and technically oriented organization representing the European producers and distributors of industrial, medical and agricultural gases.

ETPIS (one of several technology platforms already established) is a vehicle for drawing together various stakeholders across Europe to meet the vision of accident free workplaces by 2020

The Fire and Blast Information Group (FABIG) is a non-profit, cross-industry membership based organisation committed to the dissemination of knowledge and best practice and the development of guidance on the prevention and mitigation of fires and explosions and on the protection of facilities and personnel against fires and explosions.

IChemE is the hub for chemical, biochemical and process engineering professionals worldwide. We are the heart of the process community, promoting competence and a commitment to sustainable development, advancing the discipline for the benefit of society and supporting the professional development of members.

JOIFF deals with Fire Hazard Management and works to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of emergency response personnel.

The improvement of safety in the European process industries through raising awareness of, and sharing experience in, the application of human factors approaches.

ProcessNet is the German platform for chemical engineering with more than 5,000 members. Experts from the sciences, industry and administration exchange ideas and experience, discuss current topics and identify new scientific trends. ProcessNet is a joint initiative of DECHEMA and VDI-GVC. With respect to process safety ProcessNet has embarked on an initiative to map process safety research across Europe called Process Safety Atlas

S2S is a European Network that aims to help industrial companies, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises, to improve their level of process safety.

EPSC Learning Sheet

The Learning Sheets are meant to stimulate discussion on important process safety topics at operational sites and to improve competency & awareness. Latest topic: Explosion in a Batch Reactor. Subscribe to our Learning Sheet Mailing List here.