Learning from incidents that involve hazardous chemicals is a difficult process, as similar incident occur multiple times. Raising awareness on the practical aspects that can help avoiding these incidents remains a key task for all involved.

Included in this booklet are EPSC Learning Sheets that have been published in the period 2017-2023 and that are available in many languages on the EPSC website. They can provide input for a valuable discussion on safety of chemical processes.

EPSC Learning sheets are meant to stimulate discussion and raise awareness on processes with hazardous chemicals. They are available free of charge. The user of the sheets remains fully responsible. EPSC can not be held liable for any consequence of the use of the Learning Sheets.

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EPSC Learning Sheet

The Learning Sheets are meant to stimulate discussion on important process safety topics at operational sites and to improve competency & awareness. Latest topic: Isobutylene Gas Explosion. Subscribe to our Learning Sheet Mailing List here.