65. Learning sheet (April 2024): Explozia gazului izo-butilena (by OMV Petrom)
64. Learning sheet (March 2024): Explozie intr-un reactor cu functionare ciclica (by OMV Petrom)
63. Learning sheet (February 2024): Explozie de gaze in instalatia Hidrocracare (by OMV Petrom)
62. Learning sheet (December 2023): Incendiu la o conducta din otel ce continea clor (by OMV Petrom)
61. Learning sheet (November 2023): Cedare la imbinarea prin sudura termica (by OMV Petrom)
60. Learning sheet (October 2023): Scurgere de hexan (by OMV Petrom)
40. Learning sheet (October 2021): Explozia unui reactor (by OMV Petrom)
39. Learning sheet (September 2021): Deblocarea ( by OMV Petrom)
38. Learning sheet (July 2021): Deflagratia unui rezervor (by OMV Petrom)
36. Learning sheet (May 2021): Lucrari cu substante inflamabile - Propan (by OMV Petrom)
35. Learning sheet (April 2021): Tubulatura de aerisire - hidrogen (by OMV Petrom)
34. Learning sheet (March 2021): Rezervor de metanol supraincarcat (by OMV Petrom)
32. Learning sheet (December 2020): Infundarea tubulaturii unui schimbator de caldura (by OMV Petrom)
31. Learning sheet (November 2020): Descărcarea pulberilor (by OMV Petrom)
30. Learning sheet (October 2020): Nitratul de amoniu (by OMV Petrom)
29. Learning sheet (September 2020): Nor toxic de Monomer Stiren eliberat dintr-un rezervor (by OMV Petrom)
28. Learning sheet (July 2020): Scurgeri de gaze dintr-un gazometru (by OMV Petrom)
27. Learning sheet (June 2020): Conducta blocata (by OMV Petrom)
26. Learning sheet (May 2020): Chattering-ul supapei de siguranta (by OMV Petrom)
25. Learning sheet (April 2020): Lucru in locatia gresita (by OMV Petrom)
24. Learning sheet (March 2020): Rupere datorita stresului cauzat de uzura materialului (by OMV Petrom)

EPSC Learning Sheet

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