19/01/2016 - 19/01/2016

This one day conference based on a recent publication will be held in Aberdeen on the 19th of January, and will focus on the role of operators.

During the day delegates will have the opportunity to discover the major changes in the revised publication and specifically to hear about:

  • Conventional pressure relief valve and pin valve response studies
  • Modelling the effect of STHE design parameters on low pressure-side overpressures, including sensitivity analysis
  • The design approach for new and existing installations
  • How to assess the vulnerability to STHE tube vibration
  • The different options of relief device types; selection, set pressure, initial step in pressure calculation, and positioning options
  • What are the requirements of dynamic simulation software
  • Establishing a broader interface of STHE with relief system
  • The impact on piping, flanges, piping anchors & guides of overpressures, and slug loads
  • How to select instrumentation to detect tube failure and relief device activation

Further information for the two events can be found on the Energy Institute event listings here:
December event - https://www.energyinst.org/events/view/4643
January event - https://www.energyinst.org/events/view/4645

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