27/09/2015 - 01/10/2015

The tenth European Congress of Chemical Engineering is to be held this year in Nice, France. Held alongside it will be the partner events for the congress, ECAB3 and EPIC5, the European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, and the European Process Intensification Conference. The four days of the congress will see presentations and exhibitions on a vast array of industrial chemistry topics.

Invited as keynote speaker, EPSC Operations Manager Lee Allford will be attending to speak on the auditing of process safety. The presentation is to be based on EPSC work, which includes a member survey of practices in auditing, the results of which was used to produce an updated best practice guidance report. The highlight of this work is to see how auditing is applied among modern european industry, and how lessons learned from high impact accidents have driven strengthening of process safety audit programs.

For complete information, including programme and registration options, see the event website here: http://www.ecce2015.eu/

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