18/01/2016 - 22/01/2016

Delta Process Academy aims with this programme to provide a course offering the essentials and pointing out the pitfalls of process safety. The courses are taught by academics and specialists in their discipline. It is to be held on the 18th-22nd of January, 2016, in Antwerp, Belgium.

The course is intended for professional engineers with industry experience for whom understanding and applying process safety thinking is an integral part of their jobs. Participants will benefit from a holistic view on process safety for deepening the expertise in their roles and for their career development (e.g. operations, engineering, maintenance, inspection, safety professionals, etc.).

Overview of the programme: 8h00-17h00

Day 1 (Monday 18th of January 2016): Introduction to process safety

  • Welcome speech
    MSc. Frank Daman, Plant Manager, Evonik, Antwerpen.
    Still a need?
  • Introduction to process safety: Incidents & Legislation that define process safety
    MSc. Geert Boogaerts, Senior Advisor Process Safety & Occupational Health, essenscia, Brussels
    Are things improving?
  • Process Safety Management Systems
    Phd. MSc Pol Hoorelbeke, Vice president Safety, Total, Brussels, Visiting professor at the South China University of Technology, Fellow of the V.U.B.
    An integrated safety management system
  • Product Safety
    Phd. MSc. Kristel Bernaerts, Professor, BioTeC, K.U.Leuven, Leuven
    Do we understand the intrinsic hazards?
  • Organizational and Human Factors
    Phd. MSc Herman Van Roost, Business Development, Total, Brussels
    A practical point of view

Day 2 (Tuesday 19th of January 2016): Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

  • Hazard & Operability Study
    MSc. Grainne Kelly, Clwyd Associate, Leicestershire
    Use and pitfalls of HAZOP
  • Layers of protection analysis
    MSc. Nico Hertoghe, EMRE, Safety Engineering, ExxonMobil, Antwerp
    Use and pitfalls of LOPA
  • PHA / sub selection / API 752 – Temporary Housing
    MSc. Peter Wittevrongel, Safety Engineer, Notified Expert, Vinçotte, Vilvoorde
    A risk based approach
  • Global overview of QRA
    MSc. Bob Gorrens, Notified Expert, SGS Belgium, Antwerp
    Towards a dynamic instrument in safety reporting?

Day 3 (Wednesday 20th of January 2016): Explosion safety

  • (Gas) Explosion Characteristics
    Phd. MSc. F. Van den Schoor, M-tech, Hasselt, visiting professor KU Leuven
    Essential elements in risk assessment
  • Dust Explosion Characteristics and Ignition Sources
    Phd. MSc. F. Verplaetsen, Adinex, Herentals, visiting professor KU Leuven and Ghent University.
    Essential for prevention
  • Vapour Cloud Explosion and Explosion Modelling
    Phd. MSc. F. Van den Schoor, M-tech, Hasselt, visiting professor KU Leuven
    The number one cause?
  • Explosion Prevention and Protection –ATEX directives
    Phd. MSc. F. Verplaetsen, Adinex, Herentals, visiting professor KU Leuven and Ghent University.
    What is emphasized by the legislation?

Day 4 (Thursday 21th of January 2016): Competence in operation & safety in unit operations

  • Introduction to process safety engineering
    Phd. MSc. Geert Vercruysse, Process Safety Engineer, BASF Antwerp, Visiting professor at the University of Ghent and at KULeuven.
    Safety engineering the corner stone of intrinsic safety
  • Managing reactive chemistry hazards
    Phd. MSc. Wim Dermaut, R&D Manager Chemical Process Development, Agfa Labs, Antwerpen
    A scenario based approach.
  • Safety Integrity Level
    MSc. Eric Dom, SIL and HAZOP expert, Nero Engineering, Antwerp
    A reliable device on a known risk.

Day 5: (Friday 22th of January 2016): Mechanical Integrity the first layer of protection

  • Corrosion
    Phd. MSc. Erik Thomas, Corrosion engineer, Degradation expert, Metalogic, Leuven
    An important threat.
  • Mechanical integrity
    MSc. Lennert Vandamme, Mechanical Lead Engineer, BASF Antwerp
    A standard based approach.
  • Measuring, monitoring and inspection
    MSc. Kristof Timmermans, Inspection engineer, Metalogic, Leuven
    A solution for everything?
  • Global evaluation & Feed-back & Open discussion
  • Granting of the certificates by Prof. Jan Degrève, co-ordinator of the essenscia Chair Safety Engineering, KULeuven

Those interested in attending should contact Mr. Geert Boogaerts for further information:
tel: +32 476 906 663

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