These are the collected presentations from the CEFIC-EPSC conference which was held in Brussels on Jan/Feb 2012.

The conference served to discuss and advance the use of performance indicators for process safety.

In a safety culture that constantly seeks to improve, better information leads to better results. Process Safety Performance Indicators are commonly accepted as a useful tool for measuring the behaviours and results of process safety. The questions that the conference sought to answer were: How can PSPI systems be used more efficiently and effectively? How can their use be encouraged? How can they be made easy to adopt?

Process Safety Performance Indicators Pamphlet
Making the case for leading indicators in Process Safety

Concluding Presentation
PSPI Way Forward for PPS Metrics For All Stakeholders

Working Sessions Moderator Feedback and Conclusions
Group 1, Moderator - Klaus-Juergen Niemitz
Group 2, Moderator - Graham Dalzell
Group 3, Moderator - Christian Jochum
Group 4, Moderator - Lee Allford

Parallel Working Sessions Group 1 - Implementing PSI: Share Your Story So Far
Edith Lagoutte, Rhodia
Vincente da Cunha, DSM
Thomas Klein, Bayer
Rainer Kohlen, Evonik
Rudolf Sing, Evonik
Albert Walrave, DuPont
Bill Brooks, Huntsman
Hans Volkmar Schwarz, BASF
Joris Plasmans, Total

Parallel Working Sessions Group 2 - Broaden The Basis - Quick Start for SMEs
Douglas Leech, Chemical Business Association

Parallel Working Sessions Group 3 - Roadmap Towards Public PSI Reporting
Kenan Stevick, Dow Chemical

Parallel Working Sessions Group 4 - Navigating Ahead With Leading Indicators
Luc Schoonacker, Lyondellbasell

Plenary Session Presentations
Opening Speech - CEFIC Insight and Outlook
Responsible Care presentation by William Garcia
So How Do You Manage Major Hazards If You Don't Use KPIs? - Ian Travers, HSE
US and CCPS Perspective- Envisioned Way Forward
EPSC - The State of PSI Practice
Performance Metrics Outside the Process Industries - Scottish Power

EPSC Learning Sheet

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