The benefits of joining EPSC / EPSC Brochure / Membership Application Form

Representation and Networking

  • EPSC acts as an intermediary between the European Commission and its members on process safety matters and monitors possible funding opportunities in relevant Commission projects on behalf of its members.
  • Networking with other fellow process safety professionals on optimum compliance to current legislation and implementation of best practice
  • EPSC closely partners CEFIC and the European Commission in influence of coming process safety legislation.
  • EPSC Participation forms part of the make up of any process safety professional (we estimate at least 10% of your time be directed to scanning the horizon for ideas, inspiration as well as potential trouble in order to service your internal needs and those of your employer - EPSC can contribute significantly to this element)

Working Groups

Working groups are the core of all EPSC process safety activity. It is here that members gain the most benefit, through sharing experience with peer organisations, examining potential areas for improvement, and developing tools and methods for safe operation. Working groups meet to discuss specific process safety topics and are open to any interested member representative.

General Assembly Meetings (former Steering Committee Meetings)

General Assembly Meetings, open to all full members, are held twice every year as a forum for members to discuss progress current areas of work, plan for and vote on the future of working groups and hear topical process safety presentations - from both members and invited specialist from across Europe. It is from these meetings that working groups are formed.

Books and Reports

  • An introductory welcome pack including most recent EPSC reports and books and complimentary reports and books throughout your term of membership
  • Generous discounts on bulk purchase of EPSC public materials such as books and discounts on EPSC public conferences

Online Access to EPSC Materials

EPSC reports on process safety topics

Presentational material from Technical Steering Committee process safety workshops

EPSC presentations and material from conferences

Information on Technical Steering Committee Activities

Minutes of meetings

EPSC Learning Sheet

The Learning Sheets are meant to stimulate discussion on important process safety topics at operational sites and to improve competency & awareness. Latest topic: Gas holder leakage. Subscribe to our Learning Sheet Mailing List here.