ProjectAims and Description
Started: Dec 2018
Chair: Tijs Koerts / Daniel Balasch
Digitalization is about the many techniques that become available that can help to improve process safety. The aim is to help your company to determine a useful strategy.
Process Safety Fundamentals
Started: Dec 2018
Chair: Tijs Koerts / Dirk Roosendans
Process Safety Fundamentals will define useful “golden operational rules” that help to avoid process safety incidents. Besides the definition also the best practice for use and implementation will be discussed.
Human Performance
Started: 2018
Chair: Tijs Koerts / Hans Schwarz
Members of this Working Group will invest the role of human error on serious incidents and describe best practices to improve.
Process Safety in Pharma and Consumer Industries
Started: 2015
Chair: Dan Benton
The pharmaceuticals sector provides some unusual challenges for process safety, with much use of batch production, frequent adaptation of plant design, and complex process requirements. This environment is not unique to drug manufacture, but it requires specific process safety expertise. The objective of this group is experience exchange relating to pharmaceutical industries or those operating with similar processes.

EPSC Learning Sheet

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