EPSC is interested in any legislation that may have technical implications for the major accident safety in the European process industry. The major piece of European legislation in the process safety field is the Seveso II directive which came into national law across Europe in 1999. At a European level, EPSC discharges its responsibility towards the making of workable and consistent law in a number of ways. EPSC is a member of the Mutual Joint Visits, MJV, programme on Seveso II inspections which was launched in 1999 and is designed to exchange best practices amongst the member states in order to ensure a consistent implementation of the directive.

EPSC is a regular participant in meetings of TWG2, an EU technical working group on Seveso inspections, where EPSC represents the view of industry. The ultimate goal of the meetings is to harmonise the standards of inspection and enforcement of the Seveso directive, through creating common inspection criteria and sharing of case studies. TWG 2 organises the programme of annual Mutual Joint Visits (MJV) which are hosted by member states and are attended by regulators and representatives of EPSC.

EPSC Learning Sheet

The EPSC Learning Sheet is meant to stimulate discussion on important process safety topics at operational sites and to improve competency & awareness in a pleasant format. The latest topic is: Chloride Stress Cracking.